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Online Databases and Surveys

eCRF and Clinical Records validated FDA_cfr21part11

Inference Engines and “Decision Support Systems”

Bioinformatics: High Performance Computing

Organization of Backup and Redundancy of corporate Data

Cyber Security

e-Learning an Smart Working

Monographics lessons and Teaching for kids

Basic informatics Assistance

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✔Organization of e-Learning activities for schools and Smart-working for working environments

✔ Operators training, Logistics and configuration of suitable software for any kind of Audio/Video/Documents sharing
✔ Organization of virtual classrooms for schools and virtual working groups
✔ Compliance audits for Privacy and GDPR related laws

✔Computer assistance

✔ In house, on site on request 24h/24
✔ Temporary replacement computer Service
✔ Data transfer for on site and online backup

✔Software on demand

✔ Custom software for online services
✔ Consultancy for market researches for commercial and free software for custom needs
✔ Assistancy for installation, configuration and training even for third part software

✔“Informatics pillows”

✔ Monographic informatics courses even of 2 hours only for computer/tablet/smartphone, even over evening or weekends, for any kind of software
✔ Robotics Infomatics: piloting small desktop robots with a computer, tablet or mobile phone, for children
✔ Basic use of the computer or tablet / mobile phone: navigation, mail and other messaging, for the inexperienced 
✔ Fun computing for kids: block programming with Scratch and Logo
✔ Special needs: computer accessibility and communication for the physically disabled; voice and custom virtual keyboards 

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